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Ford Fiesta
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Ford Focus
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Volkswagen Golf

Top Small Sedans

Features to look for in affordable small sedans

When you compare small sedans, you’re looking for vehicles that provide maximum value for an affordable price. While you can expect even the best small sedans to be a little wanting in interior space, with limited head room, leg room and cargo capacity, the best small sedans on the market deliver excellent bang for your buck in other ways. They are also great commuter cars. Here are the most important factors we considered in our small sedan comparisons:
  • Fuel economy. Small sedans are some of the best MPG cars on the market. Their dramatically superior fuel economies are the result of several factors: nimble and light bodies, efficient engines and intelligent engineering.
  • Standard and optional features. Given that these vehicles are a little lacking in interior space by virtue of their small bodies, we looked for compact sedans that offered the widest possible range of tech, entertainment and driving features. One of the best things about shopping for vehicles in this class is that you can upgrade to a premium trim package without spending a lot more money.
  • Safety. Smaller cars are inherently less safe than larger vehicles, but the best small sedans compensate for this shortfall by prioritizing passenger safety through features like traction and stability control and side impact airbags.
  • Value. Remember that “value” does not mean “price.” The lowest-priced small sedan on the market may not necessarily be the best choice, even if you’re the most budget-conscious driver. Instead, we looked for vehicles that offered an optimal combination of helpful features and drivability for the lowest possible price.
While you shouldn’t expect affordable small sedans to tear it up on the highway or reach blazing top speeds, they are light and compact and tend to perform reasonably given their modest engines. The vehicles that made our list performed well on road tests while offering very good value for your investment.