Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season

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If you are looking for performance tires that offer reliable handling in a broad cross-section of driving conditions, P Zero Nero All Season Pirelli tires are an option well worth considering. Not only do they display excellent handling characteristics in both wet and dry weather, but they also maintain performance in light snow. Like most performance tires, though, they are engineered for enhanced softness, which improves cornering and handling at high speeds. However, this adversely affects both tread life and fuel economy.

Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season Review

On the plus side, these Pirelli performance tires scored well for their road manners, which provided excellent handling at all speeds, particularly high speeds. They also displayed outstanding handling characteristics in both wet and dry road conditions, and can tolerate light snowfall. The down side of these tires is that they aren’t optimally responsive. On the whole, these tires are affordable and perform well. They aren’t flashy; they just get the job done.

Specifications for Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season tires (245/45ZR18 model) are as follows:

  • Uniform Tire Quality Grade: 400 AA A
  • Maximum Load: 1565 pounds
  • Maximum Inflation Pressure: 51 psi
  • Tread Depth: 10/32 of an inch
  • Tire Weight: 27 pounds
  • Rim Width Range: 7.5 to 9 inches
  • Measured Rim Width: 8 inches
  • Section Width: 9.8 inches
  • Tread Width: 8.5 inches
  • Overall Diameter: 26.7 inches

The warranty for Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season tires is 45,000 miles, with one year of uniformity protection, to the first one-sixteenth of an inch of wear. They are available in dozens of different sizes, and have special models for use with Audi, Mercedes and Jaguar vehicles. If you need help selecting the proper size, visit an authorized Pirelli dealer or consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

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