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Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season
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Cooper Zeon RS3-A
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Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus

Top Performance Tires

How to choose ultra high performance tires

If you have a need for speed and own a car to match, you need to know how to select the best performance tires for your vehicle. Not only do sports car tires improve your on-road performance, but they also enhance the safety and drivability of your vehicle. Ultra high performance tires help you stay in complete control of your car, even at high speeds, and improve handling, cornering and maneuvering. However, they must be selected carefully, keeping in mind local weather and driving conditions.

Choosing Sports Car Tires

The defining features of performance tires include enhanced grip on dry pavement, and the ability to support performance and handling at high speeds. If you live in an arid climate where road conditions remain relatively constant throughout the year, then you can probably get away with owning only one set of sports car tires. However, if you live in a region with highly changeable weather conditions from season to season, you may want to purchase all-season or winter brand name tires for use in cold, wet and snowy weather and a set of regular sports car tires for use in the summertime.

There are two main types of performance tires: performance touring tires, and ultra high performance tires. These tires have letter ratings which you should be aware of as you shop.

Performance touring tires bear an H or V letter rating. Some of them are suitable for use in all driving conditions, while others are meant for driving on dry roads only. Check with the manufacturer or retailer for further information.

Ultra high performance tires have W, Y and Z letter ratings. They are also intended for use with performance wheels, as they have narrower aspect ratios than regular tires. You will experience superior handling with these tires, but they also have the briefest tread life of any type of tire on the market.

If you have questions about the suitability of a particular tire for your sports car, be sure to get clarification before finalizing the purchase. Both traditional and online retailers are happy to help you select the right tire for your needs.