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What to look for when you buy a new minivan

Minivans are among the top-selling vehicles in the world, providing families of all sizes with safe, reliable transportation that is loaded with family-friendly features. When you buy a new minivan, there’s a lot you should take into account. In addition to performing a careful new van price comparison, you should look closely at standard and optional features. Before you visit a van dealership, do your homework by considering the following specifications, characteristics and features:

  • Safety. Given their primary application as family vehicles, the best new minivans are engineered for optimal safety. Look at crash test ratings, taking into account each vehicle’s scores in front impact, side impact and overall safety tests.
  • Reliability. You can significantly reduce your upkeep and maintenance costs by choosing a vehicle known for reliability. Take your time when researching, and pay attention to consumer reviews as well as stats and specs.
  • Passenger seating. How many people will you need to transport on a regular basis? Look for minivans that have generous seating capacities and provide ample room for everyone.
  • Entertainment features. Modern tech toys may have spelled the end of endless repetition of “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” Today, minivans offer in-car entertainment systems including DVD players and headphones to give the kids something to occupy their attention during the journey.
  • Fuel economy. Most families are on tight budgets, so when you shop around for new minivans, look closely at their fuel economy ratings for both highway and city driving. Factor in fuel economy as part of your evaluation of the total cost of ownership of each given vehicle.

Remember that cheap minivans tend to come with fewer standard features, so if you want extensive entertainment and comfort elements, expect to pay a little more.