Top Midsize Sedans

How to compare midsize sedans

Midsize sedans provide a bridge between the efficiency of a compact and the comfort of a full-sized vehicle. Thus, the best way to compare midsize sedans is to look at how well a given vehicle offers the best of both those worlds, so to speak. Fuel economy, interior comfort, performance and price are the four most important factors we looked at in compiling our list of the best midsize sedans.

Features of the Best Economy Cars in the Midsize Class

Here are more specifics on the key features we zeroed in on during our midsize sedan comparison:

  • Fuel economy. Midsize sedans don’t get quite as impressive a fuel economy as their compact counterparts, but you should still expect these vehicles to be relatively light on gas.
  • Comfort. Many midsize sedans serve as family vehicles, meaning that you should look carefully at factors like seating capacity, headroom, legroom and seat design.
  • Performance. Most midsize sedans have inline engines, which means you won’t get the kind of performance you would from a sports car. Even so, you should expect decent acceleration and power, since their bodies tend to be fairly light.
  • Price. When evaluating the price, carefully consider which features are standard, and which you will have to pay for in terms of an upgraded trim package. As a rule, midsize sedans tend to come with more standard features than compacts, but fewer than full-sized and luxury vehicles.

Benefits of Midsize Sedans

Even the least expensive midsize sedans offer significant benefits to drivers. Not only do they deliver optimal combinations of performance, comfort and economy, but they are also easy to drive, easy to park and relatively inexpensive to insure and maintain. These vehicles offer some of the best value in the automotive world, and are well worth considering if you’re in the market for a new car.