Top Luxury SUVs #1 Top Luxury SUVs
Cadillac Escalade
Top Luxury SUVs #2 Top Luxury SUVs
Infiniti QX56
Top Luxury SUVs #3 Top Luxury SUVs
Mercedes-Benz GL Class
Top Luxury SUVs #4 Top Luxury SUVs
Land Rover Range Rover
Top Luxury SUVs #5 Top Luxury SUVs
Toyota Land Cruiser

Top Luxury SUVs

Research the latest SUVs in the luxury class

If you’re looking to purchase a new SUV in the luxury class, you should expect premium performance capabilities and high-end features from top to bottom. One thing to be aware of is that fuel economy in the luxury class tends to be low, since these vehicles have powerful engines, large dimensions and relatively heavy bodies. Otherwise, they leave little to be desired.

Here are the features we looked for when compiling our list of luxury crossovers and SUVs:

  • Performance and handling. You’ll notice when you consult an SUV price guide that vehicles in the luxury class come at a high cost, and much of what you’re paying for is performance and handling. These vehicles have powerful engines that generate high levels of torque and horsepower, provide quick acceleration and pick-up, yet handle beautifully. Their finely tuned suspensions make even the bumpiest roads feather-soft, and their responsive controls allow for adept handling even in close quarters.
  • Interior comfort. Inside, a luxury SUV should be roomy and comfortable, with close attention paid to the little details. The vehicles we chose as our top luxury SUVs uniformly offer top-of-the line interior comfort, premium building materials and engineering ingenuity.
  • Extensive standard features. Finally, the luxury vehicle class is priced at a premium in part because it includes many standard features that are optional on lower-priced vehicles or not available at all. We looked for helpful built-in features like navigation and vehicle information systems, premium audio components and advanced safety features.

The latest SUVs in the luxury class also offer off-road capabilities, though some manufacturers offer models that are more adept at off-roading than others. If you want to buy a new SUV with off-road capabilities, take additional care to consider factors like drivetrain, suspension, ground clearance and warranty.