Top Luxury Sports Cars

Research luxury sports car brands

The world’s best luxury sports cars combine refinement and engineering ingenuity with high-end performance. Leading luxury sports car brands are renowned for overlooking no detail, carefully combining sophisticated interiors with eye-grabbing exterior styling while ensuring the vehicle delivers under the hood. Powerful engines, nimble and aerodynamic bodies and excellent handling are the top priorities of automakers in this class.

Here’s what we suggest you look for in luxury sports cars for sale:

  • Performance. For many drivers, the only thing that matters is how fast the car can go. Zero to 60 acceleration, top speed and performance in the quarter mile are the three most common performance metrics and provide excellent points of comparison if finding the fastest luxury sports cars is your top priority.
  • Reliability. As most of the cars on our list are imports, needless to say repairs can be very expensive. While performing your research, pay close attention to vehicles that earn high ratings for reliability and customer satisfaction. Choosing a vehicle that is proven to hold up in the face of hard driving can save you thousands of dollars.
  • Warranty protection. This factor is related to reliability. Performance vehicles tend to come with more limited, less inclusive warranties since they tend to be driven at high speeds. Look for vehicles and brands that offer comprehensive warranty protections – this shows you that their manufacturers have nothing to hide and stand behind their product.

When you compare luxury sports cars, you’ll notice that they don’t offer much in the way of cargo room, interior space or fuel economy. These characteristics are sacrificed in order to deliver the best possible performance, so if these factors are a priority for you, it might be better for you to consider vehicles in the luxury sedan class.