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Infiniti M
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BMW 5 Series

Top Luxury Sedans

Tips to help you compare luxury sedans

When it comes to luxury sedans, automakers spare no effort or expense to provide you with the very best. Not only do these vehicles offer refined styling and comfortable, classy interiors crafted with premium materials, they also perform at a high level. As you peruse luxury sedans reviews, you will notice that these vehicles generate impressive performance stats and are powered by muscular engines. However, that superior performance does tend to come at a price, as most luxury sedans get fuel economy that is mediocre at best.

In compiling our list of the best luxury sedans, here are the features we looked for:

  • Styling. When you compare luxury sedans, you will notice that the designers of these vehicles have gone to considerable effort to craft attractive, streamlined and aerodynamic bodies. While styling is frequently a matter of opinion, the luxury sedans on our list have earned rave reviews for their aesthetic merits.
  • Comfort. In looking at comfort, we considered not only the roominess and luxury of the interior, but also at how smoothly each given sedan handles bumps on the road. You should demand a premium ride for the price you’re paying for these vehicles.
  • Performance. Our luxury sedans comparison also looked closely at on-road performance, in terms of engine power, acceleration, handling and braking. The best luxury sedans combine the performance of a sports car with the comfort of a touring car, and it’s something you should demand no matter which vehicle you choose.
  • Reliability. Given that the best luxury sedans are imports, we also looked carefully at reliability. Servicing these vehicles can be very expensive, so you will want a luxury car that has a generous manufacturer’s warranty and an excellent reputation for reliability in order to minimize maintenance and upkeep costs.

We recommend that you prioritize these factors as you consider the various luxury sedans for sale on the market.