Top Hybrid SUVs #1 Top Hybrid SUVs
Ford Escape Hybrid
Top Hybrid SUVs #2 Top Hybrid SUVs
Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid
Top Hybrid SUVs #3 Top Hybrid SUVs
Cadillac Escalade Hybrid
Top Hybrid SUVs #4 Top Hybrid SUVs
GMC Yukon Hybrid
Top Hybrid SUVs #5 Top Hybrid SUVs
Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Top Hybrid SUVs

Features to look for in the best hybrid SUVs and crossovers

Hybrid SUVs are available in mid-size, full-size and crossover models, combining the performance of a traditional gas-powered engine with the economy and reduced emissions of supplementary electrical power. Thus, the number one advantage they offer is vastly improved fuel economy, especially in city driving conditions. However, in compiling our list of the best crossover hybrids and SUVs on the market, we took other important performance, comfort and safety features into consideration.

Beyond boosted fuel economy, here are the characteristics we looked for to find the market’s best hybrid SUVs and crossovers:

  • Performance. Heightened fuel economy is great, but what’s really impressive is a vehicle that manages to combine fuel efficiency with quality performance. The vehicles on our list still pack a punch when it comes to power and acceleration, yet sip fuel to help you save money.
  • Safety. By and large, hybrid SUVs and crossovers are family vehicles. Thus, we made vehicles with extensive safety features a priority when we compiled our list, and so should you. Look for features like electronic traction and stability control as well as side impact airbags, tire pressure monitors and other gadgets and features that help you stay safe both on and off the road.
  • Price. Automakers are well aware that consumers are willing to pay a premium for improved fuel economy, and hybrid crossovers are priced accordingly. However, we opted to highlight vehicles that were not priced beyond the reach of drivers who would otherwise be looking at economy hybrids and mid-sized SUVs.

Hybrid crossovers and SUVs should still provide nifty handling, and if you want off-road capabilities, look for all-wheel-drive, whether standard or optional. The best crossover hybrid vehicles offer an optimal combination of the aforementioned features at a price that’s affordable and attainable for the average driver.