Top Hybrid Sedans #1 Top Hybrid Sedans
Toyota Prius Hybrid
Top Hybrid Sedans #2 Top Hybrid Sedans
Honda Insight Hybrid
Top Hybrid Sedans #3 Top Hybrid Sedans
Toyota Camry Hybrid
Top Hybrid Sedans #4 Top Hybrid Sedans
Ford Fusion Hybrid
Top Hybrid Sedans #5 Top Hybrid Sedans
Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Top Hybrid Sedans

Research the best hybrid cars

Hybrid vehicles run on a combination of gasoline and electric power, providing significantly boosted fuel economy which can save you big money at the pumps. But beyond this, the best hybrid cars package comfort and performance alongside the fuel-saving package. When you’re shopping for high MPG cars, look beyond the fuel economy specifications for the comfort and performance features and options you need.

Electric Hybrid Cars: Factors to Consider

Here are the features we looked for in compiling our list of the best hybrid cars on the market:

  • Reliability. Eco cars are great on gas, but repairs – especially to their fuel systems – are more expensive than non-hybrid vehicles, given the advanced technologies they rely on. Thus, reliability should be a high priority for you as you do your research.
  • Performance. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice solid performance to enjoy boosted fuel economy. The top hybrid sedans on the market perform just as well as their gasoline-powered counterparts, providing solid acceleration and good pickup at highway speeds.
  • Comfort and safety. Hybrid sedans usually serve as family vehicles, and as such, comfort and safety are very important factors. Look for roomy vehicles that provide ample headroom and legroom, as well as advanced safety features including traction and stability control.
  • Fuel economy. Of course, we also prioritized overall fuel economy into the equation in compiling our list. The best hybrid cars provide excellent fuel efficiency, especially in city driving conditions, by automatically (or manually) switching between regular gasoline and electric fuel sources to power the vehicle.

Green cars are the wave of the future, but the technologies that power them are still in their relative infancy. Thus, we also opted to highlight offerings from automakers that are at the forefront of the still-evolving hybrid technologies.