Top Full Size Pickup Trucks

How to compare full size pickup trucks

Full size pickup trucks are a necessity of life for many working people, and evaluating the various options on the market can be challenging. In addition to considering the vehicle’s reliability, safety and fuel economy, there are a few other important metrics to keep in mind as you compare full size pickup trucks. The vehicles we included on our list of the best full size pickups deliver when it counts the most.

Here’s what to look for in heavy duty pickup trucks:

  • Payload rating. One term you’ll encounter again and again during your research is payload. This metric refers to the total amount of weight a given truck is capable of transporting, including passengers and cargo. These vehicles offer high payload ratings, as their large interiors and generous pickup beds are capable of holding a lot of people, equipment and work materials.
  • Towing capacity. This is another important specification to consider. The towing capacity of a given pickup truck refers to the maximum amount of weight that can be hitched to the truck. It’s vital to keep this number at your fingertips during the course of your work day, as safely transporting loads is an important responsibility of every truck driver.
  • Engine power and performance. A new truck’s engine and performance are closely related to payload and towing capacity. These vehicles tend to have powerful V6 or V8 engines which generate the ample horsepower you need to get the job done. Keep in mind that acceleration and speed performance will be affected by the amount of weight you’re towing in the truck.

New truck prices in this class can be quite high, so be sure to carefully research your options to ensure you get a vehicle that performs the way you expect and provides value for your investment.