Top Crossover SUVs #1 Top Crossover SUVs
Chevrolet Equinox
Top Crossover SUVs #2 Top Crossover SUVs
Subaru Outback
Top Crossover SUVs #4 Top Crossover SUVs
Toyota RAV4
Top Crossover SUVs #5 Top Crossover SUVs
GMC Terrain

Top Crossover SUVs

How to research new crossovers

Crossover vehicles get their name from the fact that they combine features of differing vehicle types, such as SUVs and station wagons, in a package which is built onto the platform of a passenger car. This gives them a combination of versatility and drivability which is virtually unmatched in the world of production vehicles. However, this versatility is exactly what can make a crossover comparison tricky to manage. When searching for the best crossover SUV for your needs, you need to prioritize the features and options which are important to you, and identify the vehicles which best meet your needs.

Best Crossover SUVs: Features to Look For

In addition to considering specifications like engine performance and fuel economy, there are numerous characteristics unique to crossover vehicles that you should carefully compare. Beyond these factors, we also took a close look at the following features when compiling our list of the market’s best crossover SUVs:

  • Powertrain. The best crossover SUVs have a powertrain that’s optimized to provide generous towing capacities and high performance while conserving fuel.
  • Drivetrain. If you’re looking for a crossover SUV with off-road capabilities, you’ll want all-wheel drive. Some of the models on our list come with standard all-wheel drive, while it’s an optional feature on others.
  • Passenger and cargo space. Families need space, not just for passengers, but also for cargo. The best crossover SUVs provide the best of both worlds, with retractable seating that can be collapsed to increase cargo capacity.

The crossover vehicles that made our list performed well in road tests, and also ranked near or at the top of their class in the aforementioned categories. Combined with strong safety ratings, we believe the vehicles on our list are the best crossover SUVs the market has to offer.