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Research the 2012 Chevy Colorado

The Good

The Chevy Colorado has managed to last longer than most of its competitors in the compact pickup truck market segment thanks to its utility, affordability and available V8 power. It is a rugged truck that you can count on to get the job done.

The Bad

A no-frills approach to handling and drivability lead to an underwhelming on- and off-road experience. The truck’s structure feels uneven and shaky at times, and the vehicle’s relatively low price is reflected in its tawdry interior.

The Bottom Line

If you need a dependable truck at an affordable price and you’re willing to sacrifice refinement and luxury, then the 2012 Chevy Colorado is an excellent option.


The 2012 Chevrolet Colorado for sale is available in three basic configurations: regular cab, extended cab and crew cab. Beyond this, there are two trim levels available: the base model WT and the upgraded Z85. You can outfit any configuration of regular, extended and crew cab WTs and Z85s with a standard inline-4 engine or the more powerful V8. You may find a Chevy Colorado for sale at differing prices; dealers may sell for less than these prices.

MSRP: $17,475 to $30,320

Average paid: $17,080 to $30,075


Acceleration and power

The standard engine is a 2.9 L inline-4 that produces 195 horsepower, and this fact alone separates the Chevy Colorado from its competition. With a 0 to 60 miles per hour acceleration time of 7.8 seconds, the 2012 Chevy Colorado offers a bit more muscle and speed than other trucks in its class. If you upgrade to the V8 engine, you will enjoy enhanced performance capabilities, including 300 horsepower and 320 lb/ft of torque. You can also choose an inline-5 engine that compromises between the two while splitting the difference in fuel efficiency; the five-cylinder engine 242 horsepower and 242 lb/ft of torque.

Handling and braking

While the 2012 Chevy Colorado does have an edge in terms of power and performance, it lags significantly behind its competition in terms of handling. The ride is stiff at best and painful at worst, with a wooden suspension that is particularly unforgiving if you venture off-road. Steering is unresponsive, and the truck’s structure feels wobbly. The brakes are average; anti-lock braking is standard, as are front disc and rear drum brakes. Front and rear rotor x diameter dimensions are 11.2 inches x 1.6 inches and 11.6 inches x 2.5 inches respectively.



The regular cab offers seating for three, with the extended cab and crew cab offering two more seats in the rear of the truck. However, no matter which configuration you select, you are likely to be underwhelmed at best and offended at worst by the low quality of the interior in general and the cloth seating specifically. If you’re looking for power, utility and affordability, the Chevy Colorado is a great choice; if you want a comfortable interior and a good ride, this probably isn’t the truck for you.


Chevrolet compensates somewhat for the poorly appointed interior by including a relatively generous selection of features. A driver information center/trip computer, cruise control package and single-zone air conditioning are all standard equipment. You will also find two auxiliary 12-volt power jacks and an AM/FM digital scan-and-seek stereo; you can upgrade to a factory stereo with CD/MP3 capability if you wish.

Cargo space

The 2012 Chevy Colorado’s cargo area dimensions are as follows:

  • Length at floor: 72.8 inches
  • Width at floor: 57.2 inches
  • Width at wheel housings: 42.6 inches
  • Height: 18.6 inches


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration awarded the 2012 Chevy Colorado a three-star rating for rollover resistance, which is average for the vehicle’s class. Standard safety features include electronic stability control, all-wheel anti-lock brakes and a total of six airbags (depending on the cab size you select).

Warranty information is as follows: the basic warranty covers three years or 36,000 miles; the drivetrain warranty covers five years or 100,000 miles, and the corrosion and rust-through warranties are good for three years/36,000 miles and six years/100,000 miles respectively.


The 2012 Chevy Colorado is virtually unchanged from the 2011 model. These specifications are for the base model WT package; variations among performance and interior specifications are discussed in the sections below.

  • Transmission: 5-speed manual with overdrive (automatic available)
  • Drivetrain: Rear-wheel drive
  • Engine Type: Gasoline inline-4
  • Engine Size: 2.9 L
  • Horsepower: 185 @ 5600 rpm
  • Torque: 190 lb/ft @ 2800 rpm
  • MPG, City: 18 MPG
  • MPG, Highway: 25 MPG
  • Payload: 1,440 pounds
  • Towing Capacity: 4,000 pounds
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